26 Feb 2021

Asset-based lenders operating in the UK mid-market offer significant value to their clients by virtue of their through-the-cycle services in all economic conditions.

At BREAL Credit Management, we can support this cycle every step of the way, offering an end-to-end solution that is perfectly aligned with your business model and your clients’ requirements.

By way of illustration of our ability to adapt and consult throughout the life of a business, we are proud to have supported a major steel stockholder for several years. From pre-verification to establishing a real-time, real-life position through comprehensive credit control and dispute resolution. We have seen the business right the way through from trading to administration and successful turnaround.

At each and every phase of the company’s business cycle, we have been a highly effective, supportive and composed partner to multiple stakeholders, acting as a catalyst to drive business performance. Our various assignments with this particular client have necessitated the agility to work on behalf of the asset-based lender and then change strategy midstream to work in collect out mode on behalf of the restructuring specialist.

We believe it is vital to build positive relationships with all parties throughout the process, in this case the management team, lender, restructuring specialist and the debtors themselves.

The earlier we are instructed, the sooner we will be able to identify and analyse patterns within the performance of the sales ledger. Highlighting any issues surrounding the enhancement of procedures and documentation that will determine a successful outcome. With every assignment we undertake, we immerse ourselves in the culture of the client and build rapport with their debtors to ensure highly effective recovery with a sensitive commercial approach that protects the brand.

With HMRC’s crown preference now restored, the emphasis on turning Accounts Receivable into cash has never been more critical, since it is no longer possible to rely on inventory in a traditionally structured asset-based lending transaction. In addition, since debts become ineligible at 90 days under an asset-based lending facility, the effective recovery of those balances serves to increase availability.

With many organisations now taking steps to pare down their in-house credit control resource, having the ability to access professional credit management and debt recovery specialists on demand is being embraced equally by asset-based lenders and their clients.

Our complete service offering, encompassing Credit Management Solutions, Consultancy, Telephone Debtor Verification (TDV) and Debt Recovery Solutions, tracks the entire client life cycle and can be used in combination or selectively to optimise working capital in all ABL scenarios.

To find out more about our supportive through-the-cycle approach, please contact us on 0330 0430282 or simply email us at info@BREALCM.com

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