26 Feb 2021

At BREAL Credit Management, we recognise that there are countless missed opportunities in relation to collecting delinquent debts.

While it is generally recognised that early involvement with an outsourced credit management and debt recovery specialist is advantageous, there are also times when it is appropriate to pass across a ‘rump end’ ledger for dedicated focus and attention.

Rather than consigning the ledgers to a filing cabinet and writing off debt unnecessarily, there exists a real opportunity to introduce the team at BREAL Credit Management. This can be undertaken at any stage in order to maximise results in recovering debt previously designated as ‘uncollectable’.

Dealing with delinquent debt can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. That’s why it is important, from individual debts to substantial volume recovery, to involve a team with the proven knowledge and experience to drive optimal performance and results.

Recently, BREAL Credit Management has been ‘parachuted’ into scenarios where collection activity has been exhausted and the debts are under consideration for write off action. We can demonstrate that by working in partnership with our clients and the debtor a positive outcome can be achieved.

By working closely with our clients and the debtor, we have been able to demonstrate an acceleration in cash, prevention of legal action and in some cases we have been able to resume an ongoing working relationship with the debtor.

We’ll leave the last word on the subject to one of our clients:

“I have instructed BREAL CM on several occasions, instructing them to assist with the recovery of rump end ledgers. BREAL Credit Management has always taken prompt action which has often resulted in the debt being paid when it was considered uncollectable. I would have no hesitation in recommending the BREAL team.”

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